Stay In Front of Current & New Clients with Email Marketing

Stepping outside the box from traditional monthly newsletter blasts, our email drip campaign strategies enable you to stay in front of your business contacts by sharing quality content about your product offerings uniquely every month. Our team will take your existing contact database and build visibility for your business through targeted email marketing techniques. We leverage your database through an email drip campaign in order to harness valuable leads. With all monthly efforts, our team will monitor open rates and track click through rates, which will be supplied to you in a monthly report.

What We Provide:

  • Mailchimp Account Setup
  • Develop Fresh Content Monthly
  • Track Open Rate
  • Develop Monthly Reports
  • Subject Lines that incite higher open rates
  • Formatting and Designs that increase CTR
  • Landing page construction for product targets

Advantages of Email Marketing:

  • Reinforce brand awareness
  • Build credibility
  • Results that are cost-effective
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Ability to target for specific demographics
  • Drive new leads, sales, and revenue growth
  • Trackable results in real-time

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