Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know

Time and time again I hear new and seasoned small business owners say that social media marketing is a waste of time, or that their industry doesn’t dabble on social media. False. I have been able to find niches on social media outlets for every small business owner who has come to us for help. With that being said, once you’ve embraced the world of SMM, now you need to know how to leverage it.

Twitter can be a great resource for businesses to use in order to increase their customer outreach, partner up with other businesses, and develop their business as an authority or thought leader in the industry.

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PR Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know


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Social Media outlets, especially twitter can produce real time brand followers and even new consumers for your business. Twitter can be a bit overwhelming for a business owner that has never really stepped foot on a social media sites, so let’s break it down with some shortcuts that can help you navigate your way around the platform and utilize it for the benefit of your business:

Optimizing Your Profile

I think it goes without saying that the first step is actually creating a profile for yourself or your business. Choosing a picture or logo that best represents your business is very important, as well as keeping your profile colors consistent with that image. All can be edited and completed within the settings features shown below:

twittsettings Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know

Next define what your purpose is for using twitter and what you hope your business can achieve by engaging on the social media outlet. Knowing your reason for being on twitter will help you construct what your profile bio should consist of. For business owners looking to generate leads and develop their brand including your industry, specialty, services, and products are vital, see below:

 descirption Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know

Finding Target Users

Ok, so you are officially on twitter, now who to follow? Where are your customers? This is a time to put yourself in the mind of your consumers. Think about what they would tweet about, what their profiles include, and where they are located.

Here are some tips on finding your target users:

  • Determine your local market or if you want to target the national market. Search based on location like the ‘Iowa Small Business’ like the example below and discover tweets and users in your market:

iowa-Small-Business-e1405699133939 Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know

searches-twitter-e1405699091173 Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know

  • Harvest followers of a local chamber of commerce or small business development centers (SBDC).

harvestfollowers-1024x646 Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know

  • Organize your followers into lists based on their location, industry, or whether they are business partners or consumers of your business.

lists Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know


One thing to remember is that going on some crazy following spree when you first develop your account is NOT a smart tactic. Twitter limits you to following 2,000 users per account, so choose wisely.


Constructing Tweets

Posting or ‘Tweeting’ as it is referred to in the Twitter world is the heart of all your efforts for your campaign. If you aren’t posting compelling or useful content, no one is going to want to follow your account. I see so many businesses that waste their time on Twitter trying to hard sell their products. Twitter is an outlet for you to share your knowledge as a business owner and help funnel customers into your sales cycle by offering them resources they can use.

Some important tips and considerations when tweeting:

  • Use Attractive & Attention Grabbing Headlines
  • Share compelling and sharable content (How To’s, Lists, Statistics, and Responses to current events)

sharable-content-e1405699039298 Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know

  • Add Photos. Content is more attractive when it is visually digestible.

twitter-images Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know

  • Your tweets should persuade, inspire, or spark curiosity within a user.
  • Ask questions to your followers, gather feedback, and use it in your next blog post.
  • Use social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to help schedule your posts at optimal times when your followers twitter activity is high.


Using Hash Tags

Probably one of the most common questions we receive from small business owners; “what the heck is a hash tag?”.  Hash tags are used to help categorize your posts based on the audience you are trying to reach. Using hash tags when you tweet allows you to highlight keywords and topics you are attempting to bring back to your profile and website. You can also explore hash tags by clicking on them and seeing what other like minded users are tweeting about on that topic.

equipmentleasing Twitter Shortcuts Every Business Owner Should Know

Some popular small business hash tags:

  • #SmallBiz
  • #SmallBusinessHelp
  • #BusinessResources
  • #Entreprenuer


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