Finance Industry, Get Social or Miss Out on These 8 Things

If you aren’t social, or maybe you “know a company” in the finance industry who isn’t, it is time to get social!  Your FOMO (fear of missing out) should be really, really, real with this one. If you feel like your financial service business may be missing out on something, it is. Get social or you will be missing out on these 8 huge opportunities:

1. A Cheap Form of Marketing

Well, for one, setting up social accounts is free, $0. You can create your company’s social accounts for absolutely nothing, so why not do it? While you can take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing through socials for no cost, you can also create ads, to target your future (and current) customers, on any budget that suits you.

2. Accessibility

Without having social media accounts, you are faceless in a sea of faces. If you are not on social media, does your company even exist? This is a question people actually ask themselves when they search out businesses. What is even worse for non-social businesses is if potential customers can’t find you on social platforms, they will find (and use) your competitor who is. I, for one, have given up and gone to the next company, when I could not find the correct social account I was looking for, not because the accounts were hard to find, but because they just didn’t exist.

3. Brand Trust.. and you know what that could “lead” to

Once you are on social, congrats, you have proved you exist and you are a real business. The trust will begin there. As you tweet, post, share & interact, you will generate more and more of it. Your followers will even become your little worker bees of trust.. in this way: When they “like,” review or comment on your business page, other users will see and take notice of you. This sends curiosity upstream to other users and the chain keeps getting longer and longer, creating more and more trust, which could potentially create the good stuff, leads.

4. A Direct Line to Your Potential Customers

Your potential customers are hanging out on social media waiting for you. They are right there in front of you. You need them and they need you, too. By being social, you have given them a direct line to contact and interact with you. You have the ability to find them with ease. By using social ads, you can pin-point broad or narrowed targets and find them even easier. Targets based on age, location, job title, industry, interests, even relationship status and more. This one is a no-brainer, and probably enough reason to go get social right now. So if you don’t read the rest of this article, I’ll know why and I’ll be proud.

5. The Ability to Compete With the Big Girls & Guys

You give your small finance business the ability to compete with those large corporations. Don’t be shy, show off your small business muscles and shine in the finance industry. You have what they have.. maybe even more!

6. Real Estate on Google

You know that little (enormous) thing called SEO? Yes, you are helping to build your brand’s ranking by being social. When you open and use your social accounts, you will see them start to take up some good, old fashioned real estate on Google searches. Not only is it a fantastic way for people to find your business, but it can also help with ORM (online reputation management). If you have ever found that when you have searched your company in Google, FMG-Social-Search-Results-300x300 Finance Industry, Get Social or Miss Out on These 8 Thingsand a pesky, unwarrantedly negative article has surfaced about you or your company, disrupting your first page, your social accounts actually have the ability to push that pesky URL downstream. Pretty great right?

Example: Notice in the image to the right, that our LinkedIn and Facebook accounts are the second and third results that come up when  “finance marketing group” is searched.

 7. Traffic to Your Website

Traffic can simply be made like this: You just posted something your future client/customer is in need of or maybe you just happened to post something incredibly engaging or profound. None-the-less, you attached a URL to it that goes directly to your website. Your potential client just searched the post by way of topic, or your company name and found it. By clicking it, they have just made their way to your diamond mine, your website. Enough said.

8. Customer Service

Find out what it is your customers are liking and disliking. Negative comments aren’t all bad. The comment can help you decipher the value of your products or services, whether large or lacking. In many ways, this can help your company improve itself. After all, if your customers can’t find a use for it, is it any use to you?

If you’re reading this, chances are, you might already be social, but is your business? I hope so! If not, just go set up those accounts right now, send the message to all of your peers in the finance industry and harness the GREAT power of Social Media!