Getting The Most Out Of Your PPC Budget

Pay per click marketing is easily the most cost effective and converting online marketing strategy loan brokers and lenders can invest in. With full control of your campaign, you are able to:

  • Targeting products & keywords that are converting at that time
  • Set up your ads to only run on the days and times you able to respond quickly
  • Target specific geographical locations to minimize competition
  • Start and stop your campaign whenever you would like without losing too much traction in ad rankings.
  • Target borrowers and referral sources that are in the decision making phase as opposed to those still researching their options.
  • Implement lead captures that encourage conversion instantly when a borrower lands on your page.

Contact us with any questions you may have about running a PPC campaign!

Whether you are new to PPC or an existing Adwords client, have one of our Google AdWords Certified professional’s perform a free campaign audit for your account. The results from this audit will show how previous campaigns performed and where there is room for improvement.

For new Adwords clients, our audits will be able to pull metrics from your industry market and geographical area to show you where to target your ads and what to set your bids at.

Our audits are obligation free! We will send the results to in PDF format and you are free to utilize our evaluation as you see fit.

PPC Marketing