Why Due Diligence Is Just As Important For Marketing

In 2014, everyone does ‘social media’, everyone does ‘blogging’, and everyone does ‘SEO’. We get it. Something that was new and foreign to most businesses back in the late 90’s, now everyone seems to be dabbling in.

However, for business owners who do not keep up with the Internet Marketing trends and industry shifts, they continue to use old, outdated, and forbidden practices. (*Cough *Keyword Stuffing *Cough *Buying Links).

SEO and online marketing are more than just stuffing your website and content posts full of target keywords and phrases. Social media is more than just hard selling your services or product in your posts each day. There’s also more to analytics than just reading numbers. But why am I babbling on about this for, you already have a team of experienced SEOs that take care of all of this for you, right?

My question to you is…


When is the last time you checked in on your marketing team’s efforts?

 bad-marketing-300x235 Why Due Diligence Is Just As Important For Marketing

What edits are they making to your website or blog content?

 keyword-stuffing-300x199 Why Due Diligence Is Just As Important For Marketing

What efforts are they putting forth on your social media networks?

 Unlike-300x250 Why Due Diligence Is Just As Important For Marketing

Where is your money truly being spent?

 empty-wallet-300x211 Why Due Diligence Is Just As Important For Marketing

I’ve heard plenty of SEO customers come to us with speculations and a lot of questions, because they’ve been burned by some SEO company in the past and frankly I don’t blame them. It’s a hard industry to describe exactly how rankings operate and with all the algorithm changes, actually achieving significant rank positions is even more difficult, especially when you don’t have the knowledge, experience, and tools to do so.

So as much as you do due diligence on a business borrower before loaning them money, it’s important to do some research on the marketing company you are choosing to ultimately take control of your online presence and building your brand.

Here are some key factors to watch for and research when choosing a marketing team:


What Services Are Offered?

Are they full service? Or are you going to have to spend your budget on social media with them, content with another company, PR with a different Firm, etc.? Full service marketing companies, like FMG are the cream of the crop. They understand your brand from so many different angles and can distribute the efforts to various channels resulting in maximum exposure and reach.

Is The Work In-House Or Outsourced?

For the same reason you want a full service marketing team, you want a company that provides all services in-house so that all the members working on your project can collaborate easily and also have a clear and shared understanding of your business’ goals.

Educated & Knowledgeable In The Industry

A truly specialized marketing company should not only be vastly educated and certified in the field of Marketing, but also in the industry your business falls into. For the Finance Marketing Group, we pride ourselves in using our array of knowledge in the financial and banking industry to help our clients strive in their marketing efforts.

We know what audience works for that industry, where they spend their time on the internet, and how to target them properly. We also are aware of the process, terms, and compliance restrictions there are for specific financial institutions so that we can appropriately abide by them and put our clients on the right track to developing traffic organically.

Transparency & Trust

Having an open communication with your marketing team is extremely important. Whether it be to share ideas, promote updates or new services, or even to ask questions, having a good relationship with your marketing team will help result in a successful combined campaign. At FMG, we are as transparent as possible with clients on our proposed strategy, deadlines, and efforts. Finding a marketing company that you are able to trust and rely on to execute strategies in your best interest as well as the most efficient, will make expanding your business and brand a much smoother process.


So before jumping into the best offer that a marketing company passes your way, make sure they possess all the qualities your business desires for a dedicated marketing plan.