7 Marketing Practices Every Financial Business Should Be Doing

1. Social Media Marketing & PR

Having your business published in a magazine or local newspaper is never a bad thing. However, news today is more heavily digested online. People resort to reading stories and news posts online because of how real time the information is. While hiring an agency to do PR for you can sometimes run pricey, social media is always free if you choose to do it yourself. Try making it a priority to post your recent funding deals closed or any news about your company on your social media, so that users that follow you can see that your business is active and doing well.

My Favorite Social Media Marketing Tools:


2. Running Targeted Social Ads

It’s not a secret that social media platforms have essentially become their own search engines. Similar to search engines, social media platforms offer paid advertising for businesses. Social ads allow small businesses to target their audience based on geographical location, age, gender, interests, other similar businesses they follow, as well as what industry they are categorized under. Using social ads gives you access to where your users are most vulnerable and where they most frequent their time spent online.

3. Creating A Diverse Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy where you post a monthly blog article just for the sake of putting something on your website is one thing, creating content that people actually care about and what to share is another thing. Yes, sometimes finance isn’t the most exciting topic in the world. So make it interesting! Use images, video, infographics, charts, internet memes, or current events to hook your users and encourage them to engage with your content and brand more.

Some other resources to help brainstorm creative content ideas:


4. Connecting With Local SBDC & Business Chambers.

For business owners who do quite a bit of local business or are a member of their local chamber, you should definitely be leveraging more of the contacts and referrals you can harvest from these organizations. Contact your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and ask them to include a link to your business on their website. For chamber of commerce, use a list of the other chamber members to harvest for an email drip campaign about what you can offer their business.


5. Networking At local & Regionally Conferences / Events

For those who are more traditional, networking face to face at conferences is also a great marketing tool. Some consumers adapt more to businesses that they can put a face to. Just make sure you have enough business cards printed!

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6. Replacing Cold Calling With AdWords Pay Per Click Campaign.

Instead of chasing people who are not necessarily looking for financing right now, let those that are come to you. Pay Per Click advertising targets users on Google that are actively searching for business financing keywords and phrases, and then distributing your ads to those users.


7. Leveraging Personal Business Connections On LinkedIn

Social Media works just like ‘word of mouth’ connecting with people you have done business with in the past, can help bring you to business owner they know in need of financial solutions.