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This post is designed to help our clients understand PPC and what to expect after your marketing kick-off call with Jenna or Alex. Here you’ll find information on what to do when a lead comes in and how to differentiate a PPC lead from other leads. We hope this can provide some clarity in regards to approaching your new PPC leads & what to expect after your marketing kick-off call.

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Brief Overview of What We Do:
Our goal is to get your ads placed in top ranking positions in search engines. For example: If someone does a Google search for “commercial real estate loans” they are then presented with ads and websites relating to these search terms. We call these search terms keywords. Our job is to create PPC ads and landing pages relating to a specific product focus.
A product focus could be considered:

• small business loans
• commercial real estate loans
• equipment financing
• hard money & bridge loans
• fix & flip loans
• unsecured business lines of credit
• working capital
• or a niche (medical equipment, etc.)

Unless you have specified otherwise in your marketing kick-off call with Alex or Jenna, we will typically start you out with 2 product focuses (commercial real estate loans & small business loans). You are welcome to select whatever product focus you would like and can swap these out for a different product focus that better meets your areas of expertise.

After your marketing kick-off call, we then create landing pages (one product focus per landing page). This is the page that a potential client (or lead) is brought to after they click on your ad. This page is designed to make your lead convert. It contains direct information regarding your product focus with a form on it. The visitor can then fill out the form with their name, contact info, and other information (loan amount, credit score, details of loan request). The form then gets emailed directly to your business (this is considered a conversion).

After your marketing kick-off call and prior to launching your PPC campaigns, we will send a test Email on your landing pages to ensure all is functioning properly. It is important that you do respond to your test email(s). You would follow the same steps when responding to your leads. Please see next section for images on what your Unbounce test Email will look like (they will appear the same for you leads).

Side note: It is critical that you reach out to your leads right away (we recommend at least within the hour, preferably within the first 5 minutes if you really want to make the most out of your PPC campaigns). Here is a helpful webinar with tips and follow-up methods/ practices with your new leads:

What your new lead Email will look like and how to respond:

When a lead submits their form, their information gets sent directly to your Email. Below is an example of what your new PPC Lead looks like in your inbox and what the Email looks like after you click on it.

sample-subject-inbox-email-from-unbounce-1 The Finance Marketing Group PPC Kick-Off Guide

Unbounce-New-Lead-Email-Sample-1 The Finance Marketing Group PPC Kick-Off Guide

You can view your landing page by clicking on the URL, located in the 2nd column down under “Landing Page Details”.

You would then contact your lead back by clicking on their Email, this is located below the “Submitted Form Data” section, next to the “email” field.

You can access our sample drip Email templates and voicemail templates by clicking on the links.

Need a refresher on PPC? We’ve got you covered in our webinar here.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful! As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to leads@financemarketing.com should you have any questions at all. We’re happy to help:)