Why PPC Marketing is a Wise Investment for Brokers

To invest in PPC or to not invest, that is the question. Before we dive into PPC Fundamentals, let’s first consider this scenario:

Let’s say that you have a new business that is not established (you’re working on it..). You’ve invested a great deal into your brick and mortar shop, and to further this cost, you now need to purchase very expensive signage. Would you place this new, expensive signage in the back of the store, where no one can see? Or, would you place this in the front of the store, where the foot traffic is at a max?

Cough..You should be saying “I’d like to put my very expensive and fancy signage in the front of the store where everyone can see it.”

PPC marketing efforts are surprisingly similar to this tangible analogy in today’s virtual marketing world. Where do people shop and research? Online, through search engines. And PPC can make your new business stand-out along side of big competitors.

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What Eric Schmidt Predicts For 2014

At the end of 2013, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt shared his outlook for 2014 on Bloomberg TV’s “Ask a Billionaire.” From his unique position as a leader in technology and business, Schmidt offered his (albeit conservative) predictions on 2014’s biggest change, disruptor and disruption. Schmidt confesses his biggest mistake at Google and shares Google’s plans for growth in 2014. Here are our thoughts and what Schmidt revealed:

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