Tips For Maintaining Your Online Reputation

When looking to connect with consumers or potential consumers, it is imperative to make sure online reputation management is a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. We’ve listed out a few of our favorite tactics when it comes to reputation management in the digital space.

Happy Customers Are Key

Positive online reviews are one of the best ways to gain new business. But, without happy customers, online reviews are few and far between. Make it a priority to provide not only a quality product, but quality customer service – all while encouraging your customers to leave reviews either on Google or on your social media pages. 

At the end of the day, many make decisions based off of social proof, and ratings and reviews found on the internet play a big part in that. Next time you are interacting with a customer, ask yourself, “will this generate a positive review?”

Create A Relationship With Satisfied Customers

After a purchase is made, it is important to follow up with the customer to not only understand how they liked the product, but to also find out about their customer service experience. What did they like? What did they dislike? Would they work with you again? Why or why not? Establishing a relationship with a happy customer can and will result in future referrals in addition to online reviews. 

Don’t Turn A Blind Eye To Complaints

While it is human nature to want to ignore a complaint or a negative review, make sure to never ignore or delete them. Instead, be honest and kind in your response as it is pivotal that you are a trusted and transparent brand. Acknowledge the negative feedback, apologize, and offer a solution. The main rule of thumb is to respond to the person who reviewed as if they are your entire online audience, so that current and potential customers can see that you are positive minded and focused on providing exceptional customer service.