Three Personal LinkedIn Tips You Might Not Know About

When using personal LinkedIn, many know to update their profile photo, add their experience, enter a headline, and start connecting with others in their industry, or their industry of interest. What many don’t know, though, is that there are other actions that one can take to establish an even stronger brand and build more relationships.

Send Custom Connection Requests

When sending a connection request, LinkedIn provides the option to send a small message. Because of the high volume of connection requests many professionals receive on a daily basis, it is helpful to include a short, personalized note. This is especially helpful when connecting with someone you are particularly interested in building a relationship with or doing business with. For example, if you are a Commercial Loan Broker, and are interested in connecting with a Commercial Real Estate Agent, an appropriate message could look something like this: “Hello (name), I noticed that share a common interest in commercial real estate and thought it would be mutually beneficial to connect. Have a great rest of your day!” This small but customized message could increase the chances of sparking a conversation and provide the opportunity to network.

Publish Pulse Articles

A LinkedIn pulse article establishes your credibility as a business owner and proves your knowledge of your industry. We recommend that at least once per month, you write a post regarding a topic in your industry. Posts do not need to be more than 350-500 words, but are important in establishing to your audience that you understand your craft, and are passionate about sharing your knowledge with your network. With each pulse article, it is always helpful to include an image, even if it is a stock image off of a website such as Pexels.

Join Strategic Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are a digital community where individuals with a common interest interact and bounce ideas of off one another. Joining groups that are in your specific industry, or an industry you’d like to network in, is a fantastic way to connect with and learn from people who you may not have otherwise. It may also be helpful to post your pulse articles into an appropriate or industry-relevant group as well, as a way to establish credibility and provide insight to the other members.