Three Best Practices Of Engagement On Facebook For Business Owners

As a business owner, Facebook can be overwhelming and confusing, sometimes resulting in the overall absence of engagement. We’ve decided on three main best practices that are important for a business owner to consistently engage with their audience.

Curate Informational Content

When posting and sharing content, make sure that it is informational and represents you as a well-rounded resource. For example, posting content related to life as an entrepreneur, productivity tips, or networking tips can be helpful as opposed to only posting product-focused content. Additionally, you may want to curate content that is relevant and educational in your industry as well. Remember that although we may feel inclined to “hard sell” and be promotional on Facebook 100% of the time, it is more important to brand yourself as a credible resource instead of trying to generate leads.

Do Not Remain Silent

It is easy to ignore or not pay attention to those who comment on or review your products or services, but it is imperative that you always respond with grace and professionalism. When someone posts a positive comment, you should respond with gratitude. When someone posts a negative comment, you should respond in a calm and collected manner that provides excellent customer service, but also ensures that the integrity of your brand is protected. Always remember that when you are responding to a comment or review, that you are actually responding to your entire audience and not just that one person in particular.

Support Others In Your Network

Supporting others in your network and even within your industry creates a professional relationship that has the potential to develop into a referral partnership. As an example, supporting and sharing the successes of someone in your industry who you may see as a competitor may be beneficial to you down the road if that individual networks with someone they are unable to service, but you are. Supporting others and having a “givers mentality” on Facebook will put you in a better position to build referral sources within your online community.