Three Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Website

Sometimes, the idea of hiring someone to design your company website can feel like a daunting, unnecessary expense when your daughter’s boyfriend’s sister built the website for her fashion blog and says she can do yours for a fraction of the price.

The truth is, your website is the center of your entire online presence and without a site that is fully functional and user friendly across all platforms, you’re not only losing web traffic, but you’re leaving money on the table as well. Our team has found three important reasons why it is vital that your business has a mobile friendly website. In addition to the fact that, well, everyone surfs the web on their smartphone these days.

Improved User Experience

Without a positive user experience, your business will never reach its full potential. Because the vast majority of your potential buyers will look up your website before making a purchase (and many will find you via your website in the first place), it is important that you provide something that is clean, simple, and aesthetically pleasing. As we like to say, “the less clicks, the better.”

Streamlined Experience Across Devices

If the desktop version of your website feels completely different than the mobile version of your website, frequent visitors will become confused and discouraged. Due to the fast-paced, instant gratification world that we live in today, your potential customers are not going to search around your site and deal with slow downloads – they are just going to leave your site entirely. Having a well streamlined experience across all devices allows web traffic to become familiar with interacting with your brand and will find it easier to utilize your site, encouraging them to come back soon.

Improve Sales

It is no secret: a website that is easy to use, will generate more revenue than a website that is difficult to use. While circling back to the “user experience” element, it is pivotal that as a business owner you are making an effort to drive sales from all angles, and in this digital age, your website is an excellent place to start.