Social Proof As A Marketing Strategy

In marketing, we often hear social proof as a strategy we “should’ use. But, what is social proof exactly? 

In simple terms, social proof is relying on the experiences and thoughts of others to help us make a decision. It’s the reason you read product review or ask local residents for a restaurant recommendation. We use social proof more often than we even realize, from purchasing something for the home or booking a vacation, we’re constantly looking for validation in our choices from those around us. 

So, how do we utilize this tactic in marketing? 

Online User Reviews

When considering whether or not to work with you, many of your prospective customers or clients will head over to your website or to google and look for any reviews, both good and bad. It is understood that it may be difficult to acquire reviews at first, so here are some ideas:

  • Just ask. Every purchase made, ask for a review or a rating of your buyer’s experience. Be sure that the process is simple and easy, with very short feedback forms and one-click ratings. 
  • Incentivise. As an example, a discount code or a store credit can be a great way to not only get a review but to also entice your buyers to purchase from you again. 
  • Respond to negative feedback. Even the best brands sometimes receive negative comments from time to time. Remember that your response is to your entire audience, not just the person who wrote it. Repsonding correctly will show potential customers that you are credible and trustworthy. 

Influencer Partnerships

By creating a relationship with an influencer, they will use and post your product to their large audience. This not only is an excellent way to get in front of a large audience, but is also a great way to gain exposure to your possible ideal client. Be sure to make sure that you don’t just partner with any influencer, and that that particular individual’s values align with yours.


Similar to a review, a testimonials are user generated content that will not only talk about a previous customer’s experience, but will also talk about the results they got from your service. This will help nurture the relationship you are trying to build with your potential client but allowing them to know, like, and eventually trust you and what you will be able to do for them. 

Utilize the tips you’d follow when asking for a review, and specifically ask your previous customers to talk in detail about what’s improved for them after working with you.