Preparing Yourself (Hopefully) For The End Of Quarantine

After a month or more of social distancing due to COVID-19, it can feel at this point like a life of isolation is almost normal. With the uneasiness and uncertainty that comes with being disconnected from your normal routine and for some, complete disappearance of your day to day responsibilities, it’s easy to have similar fears regarding what life will look like when things do begin to open up again.


While life, business, and social activities may not be the same for quite some time, here are some things you can do to prepare for the end of quarantine.


Utilize Your Digital Resources To Stay Connected


LinkedIn is an excellent way to converse and network. Consider starting a conversation with a few of your connections you haven’t talked to in awhile, just to see how they’re doing or what they’re doing to keep things going during the quarantine. You may also research online groups in your industry in an effort to learn from peers on how they’ve been going about handling a time like this. 


In addition to LinkedIn, video conferencing apps like FaceTime or Zoom are great to sit and chat with co workers, employees, or clients face to face. While email, text message, and phone call are always an option, a face to face conversation can serve as a much more personal method of communication and can go a long way during a time where many are alone for a majority of the time.


Create A Routine


Between Tiger King and the idea that you definitely are allowed to stay in your pajamas if you want to, it can become tempting to completely fall out of your regular routine by sleeping later, going to bed later, working from the couch, etc, making it that much harder to jump back into your routine when the time comes. Beginning to add small pieces of your old routine back into your day such as a consistent wake time, the same check in call with a colleague, and a clear workspace will make the transition much easier. You may even consider using a mediation or sleep app.


Move Your Body


I’ve heard the term “quarantined potato” more than once in the last week, so I think it’s time to address it! Whether you’ve got a full basement gym, or live in a 400 sq ft studio apartment, moving your body every day will keep you both mentally and physically healthy. You can always head to YouTube to find free videos that can take you through something like an at home yoga flow or something of higher intensity, with no equipment of course.