Why PPC Marketing is a Wise Investment for Brokers

To invest in PPC or to not invest, that is the question. Before we dive into PPC Fundamentals, let’s first consider this scenario:

Let’s say that you have a new business that is not established (you’re working on it..). You’ve invested a great deal into your brick and mortar shop, and to further this cost, you now need to purchase very expensive signage. Would you place this new, expensive signage in the back of the store, where no one can see? Or, would you place this in the front of the store, where the foot traffic is at a max?

Cough..You should be saying “I’d like to put my very expensive and fancy signage in the front of the store where everyone can see it.”

PPC marketing efforts are surprisingly similar to this tangible analogy in today’s virtual marketing world. Where do people shop and research? Online, through search engines. And PPC can make your new business stand-out along side of big competitors.

Understanding PPC

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PPC, or “Pay-Per-Click” is a highly measurable online marketing platform where an advertiser can target keywords by creating an ad campaign. This ad will then appear in search engines after the targeted keyword has been searched.

So when Susie Q is looking for the best sneakers for training for her marathon, she searches “best marathon running sneakers” and is brought to highly ranked PPC ads and organic websites.

PPC is able to generate immediate results.  This is particularly important for new businesses in financial lending, as the fierce competition makes ranking organically on the 1st page of a search engine nearly impossible.

Generate Immediate Results

With PPC marketing, your ad will populate in search engine results whenever you’re ready to start your campaign. Your PPC strategists will develop and research a list of targeted keywords that are proven to generate results. From then, the PPC department develops your landing pages and text ad campaigns for the search network.

Generate Higher ROI

When using PPC, you’re paying Google to get your ads indexed for top, competitive rankings along with organic search listings. PPC or Pay-Per-Click means just that; You only pay when your ad is clicked on. You will not pay more than what you’ve budgeted for, as Google stops indexing your ads once your budget is met.

Making the Most of Your Dollar

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When developing PPC Campaigns, your PPC strategist can filter through strong, quality candidates who are likely to be ideal borrowers to click on your ads. This is done through adding keywords and negative keywords to your campaigns along with criteria specifications in the text ad itself. This helps to ensure that those clicks count and that your ad is presented to your ideal audience.

Budget Control

You have control over all aspects of your PPC Budget. You can target daily or monthly budgets. Your PPC strategist will be monitoring your campaigns and continually checking your high performing keywords. Some keywords are more competitive, thus are more expensive than others, but also yield better results. They will make recommendations or adjustments to best serve your budget needs while getting the best results.

Target Specific Products & Measure Results

Your PPC strategist can create different ads for each financial product or service you’d like to promote, called an AdGroup. Each AdGroup will have it’s own unique landing page that contains clear and relevant information, along with a form to lead the borrower into taking action (converting). Each ad and landing page will focus around one particular product. The landing page and text ads should only contain information that is relevant to their search term/ terms.

Test Multiple Ad Versions

Your PPC strategist can conduct A/B testing on the connecting landing pages to it’s ads to see which format/ information is out performing and increasing the chances of conversions.  This is also true of your text ads.  By creating multiple text ads, your PPC strategist can test which ads lead to higher conversion rates, and most importantly, the quality of these conversions. They can adjust their strategy based off of the results of their A/B testing.

Build SEO

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The combo of practicing both PPC & SEO provide the ultimate short & long term gain for finance businesses. Although it may appear that these essential components are opposites, PPC can improve the overall ranking of your site (which means more organic wins for you). You can also target direct keywords that are proven winners in your PPC ad campaigns to your SEO, bringing an increase of organic traffic to your website. This is key in developing your ad & website ranking, and makes your business more likely to populate organically. When you use PPC, you immediately build your visibility to a large audience. This is also likely to increase the amount of organic visitors to your site in terms of repeat visitors.

Why PPC Works

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In a nutshell, PPC brings your product/ business to the forefront of what your ideal candidates are searching for and need, when they are searching for it. This is not a cold-call, commercial, or interruption of any kind. It’s virtually meeting your client where they are, when it’s convenient for them, while they are in need of your product. It’s smart marketing for any business.

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