Leveraging LinkedIn to Boost Visibility

Social media marketing plays a huge role in brand awareness. Staying in front of your current customers and potential customers can make all the difference.

Why? Mainly because the buying process has changed over the years. No, not just for millennials, but for everybody. Ever go on Google and search for reviews of something before making a decision?

Social media can and is one of the best brand engagement channels there is today.

Whether you’re in the startup phase or looking to expand your business, it’s time to take advantage.

Allow me to zero-in on probably the most overlooked, yet strongest social platforms yet: LinkedIn.

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” That’s a quote by Bernard Baruch, an American financier, stock investor, philanthropist, statesman, and political consultant.

Two of the best tips I can give you when using LinkedIn is to take Bernard’s advice and join as many groups as possible! There, you will have access to popular discussions happening in industries similar to yours.

The goal is to keep up with competitors at all times and make sure you’re available to customers (current and future) on a consistent basis.

If used correctly, this social network might just be your newest best friend.

In the B2B world, it’s a selling machine! Not only that, but it also helps boost your credibility and company reputation.

According to LinkedIn, people who get involved in LinkedIn group discussions receive four times as many profile views.

Don’t forget to “pretty-up” your profile! You don’t want people from those discussion boards coming to your profile and wishing they never did.

Here’s a list of things to include in your professional profile:

  1. Your company website
  2. Contact information
  3. A professional photo of yourself
  4. A summary field that’s relevant and up-to-date
  5. Any other social platforms you’re currently active on (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Like SEO efforts, results don’t pop up overnight like they might do for a Youtube star. Patience is key.

My best advice is stay active and consistent. Think of social media (especially LinkedIn) as a tool. Take the time to build a strong profile engage with those who connect with you.

The Finance Marketing Group offers a Personal LinkedIn Management package. We will take your Premium LinkedIn Profile, optimize it and leverage it. To learn more about it, please contact us at info@financemarketing.com.