Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rate

When running a lead generation campaign, the landing page is your first impression of your company and products that a potential client will see. Placing a large emphasis on the presentation and functionality of your landing pages is the first step in maximizing conversions. You’ll also want to consider the following: 

Make Sure To Establish Credibility

Prominently display your company name and logo on the landing page. This will convey the concept of transparency, and will deem you to be trustworthy. 

Collect Email Addresses Of All Visitors

Even if someone clicks on your page and doesn’t buy, you want to make sure you’re continuing to connect with them and offer as much free information as possible. It is imperative that there is a form to fill out which asks for an email address, so that you’re able to drop all visitors into your email drip campaign and build out your pipeline.

Make Use Of Testimonials

Social proof holds a ton of weight when it comes to persuading a consumer to buy. Working a testimonial into the landing page will help customers gain your trust early on in their research.

Be Clear With Bullet Points

Large blocks of text become boring and difficult to read. Spelling out your points in easy to read, bullet format will help get your points across in a simple to understand way. 

Solve The Problem

Without the ability to eliminate a pain point for customers, it is difficult to sell to them. Be clear, concise, and honest about what problem you’ll solve, and how you’ll solve it.