I Want To Build An Email List, But How?

Email marketing will forever serve as a “must have” in the digital marketing space for a multitude of reasons. 

Email is an excellent way to generate a better experience for both customers as well as potential customers by offering consistent value and continuing to establish credibility. Email is also one of the easiest ways to track and measure what types of content your audience responds to and engages with the most. 

The most difficult thing business owners encounter when it comes to email marketing is actually building their list and getting email addresses compiled. When it comes to generating a strong email list, it’s actually much easier than one would think. 

Strategies for growing your list can include: 


Different types of giveaways or opportunities to win prizes by sharing one’s email is an excellent way to encourage someone to opt into your email list. Incentives can be offered in person, over social media, or on your website. 

Collect Business Cards

Be diligent about collecting business cards at networking events. Even if you don’t particularly believe someone is in an industry that you’re interested in doing business with, remember that building a relationship with that person and gaining their trust through email marketing may result in a referral partnership. 

Provide Opportunity On Your Website

Make sure that each page of your website gives the user an opportunity to opt into your email list to receive constant, free, and valuable information