Four Ways To Improve Your Sales Confidence

Your confidence headed into a sales situation whether it be an email, a call, or an in person conversation is oftentimes what will make you or break you. If you don’t believe that you are successful or will be successful, how will you ever become successful?

When the graduates of our program receive leads through our PPC program, one conversation we have with them consistently is the importance of following up and staying consistent. This often results in the discussion of confidence – something we know all folks in sales roles can work on. 

We’ve compiled some of our favorite tactics for building self confidence for you here: 

Associate Yourself With Positive People

Negative input from any angle will only lessen your self esteem and eventually de-motivate you. Remaining associated with those who are not a positive influence has a much larger impact than many realize, but it truly is important that you audit who you’re surrounding yourself with, especially when you’re trying to gain confidence and take your business to the next level. 

Start Your Day Off Right

What do we mean by this? Thank or congratulate someone every morning. Showing gratitude and speaking positivity each day will in turn instill more and more confidence into yourself, making yourself more aware of your own accomplishments and talents. 

Write Your Successes Down

Recording your wins will allow you to go back and remind yourself of all you’ve been able to accomplish. It is easy to find yourself thinking you haven’t gotten very far, but providing yourself the option to see it in front of you on paper helps you to stay motivated and increases confidence. 

Set Weekly Goals

While some accomplishments may take weeks or even months to accomplish, make sure to set smaller, more short term goals that you can achieve every week. Checking things off as an accomplishment as often as every week is another excellent way to build confidence. 

We know that following up on leads and confronting sales calls can feel awkward and intimidating, but committing to not only doing them, but building confidence as well can make it less daunting and more enjoyable.