Four Things You Can Do On Every Social Media Platform

A solid social media campaign will utilize many different platforms, not just one or two. While each platform does require a slightly different strategy, there are some general guidelines that can be and are applicable across every type of social media channel. 

Stay Consistent 

Posting on a consistent basis will not only help to build your audience, but maintain it as well. With that said, there are some social media platforms that will reward you for your consistent posts more than others. As an example, you’ll see better results on Instagram than you will on Facebook if you post multiple times per day. This means the more you post on Instagram, the better you’ll be treated by the algorithm, but Facebook will still hide the majority of your posts unless you boost them. 

Maintain Your Messaging

While it is imperative that you are active across all social media platforms, you’ve got to keep your messaging consistent. You may choose to change up how you deliver each message, whether that may be via video, text, or photo, but each message should be consistent with one another. 

Track Results

Social media’s ability to track post each and engagement makes it a valuable tool to understand what your audience wants and what they respond to well. The metrics available such as likes, comments, shares, and other aspects of engagement will allow you to adjust your strategy from month to month for maximum results. 

Communicate With Your Audience

The ability to like, comment, and share content with your audience makes it personal and interactive. Responding to comments and showing support to your customers will insert the human element making you look down to earth, approachable, and like someone who cares about their online community.