Client Retention Is More Important Than You Think

Once you sign a client, it’s easy to be excited about the sale and move onto selling someone else. But, what if you shifted the time and energy spent on sales and acquisitions and spent more of it on client engagement and retention? 

Nurturing the relationships you have with your current clients will increase long term revenue, build trust, and eventually result in a possible upsale. So, how do you nurture those relationships and constantly add value to your current clients? 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent and highly effective method for adding value to your current clients, helping them to learn, and continuing to connect with them on a regular basis. 

When designing your email marketing campaign, consider spending time thinking about ways to re-engage and educate those you’ve already done business with. Not only will this entice them to possibly do more business with you, but it will also keep you top of mind when it comes to referrals. 

Social Media

Many want to look to social media to increase web traffic and get more eyes on their content. But, that isn’t all that social media is for. It is important to know that proper utilization of social media platforms can keep current clients excited about what you’re offering and ensure that you remain credible online.