Are You Utilizing This Tactic To Establish Credibility On LinkedIn?

The “pulse article” function on LinkedIn is one of the most underutilized, but also important pieces of a strong personal LinkedIn strategy.

So, what is a “pulse article”, anyway?

While a personal LinkedIn account has the ability to post and share posts and different types of content, it also has the ability to publish longer form pieces of copy in the form of an article. 

Why is this so important?

The importance of the pulse article lies within its ability to establish credibility, which is an extremely underappreciated aspect of a marketing strategy because it is less of an instant lead generation tool, and more of a long term lead nurture tactic. Nonetheless, it is extremely important. 

The pulse article allows one to showcase their knowledge of their industry, while showing their audience that they care enough about them to spend the time creating a piece of free content that is for nothing other than to add value. 

At the end of the day, consumers want to do business with folks they know, like, and trust. This free and simple-to-generate piece of content is an excellent way to work toward that knowledgeable and likable status with your immediate network. 

What should I write about and how often should I post?

What you write about can and should vary. It should always be a piece of free information or education, as opposed to a hard sell. Additionally, it is important to make sure posts are timely and relevant, showcasing the authentic desire to help and provide value. How often you post can also vary, being as frequent to multiple times a week, or as little as once per month. 

While the pulse article is, again, not an immediate lead generation tool, it is an excellent way to continually interact with your network who you may turn into either clients or referral sources. 

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