A Very Merry Unmarketing

The mad hatter has always been my favorite Disney character and while that may seem a bit odd to some, I value his outlook on birthdays and on tea! I guess you have to be a little ‘mad’ to work in the marketing industry these days as well. I suppose the hatter’s ‘Un’ theme can apply to almost everything in life, marketing including. Some of us, including myself have fallen into the realm of catering to every Google update that rolls around. I have found myself marketing more for search engines than for the actual consumer, which is a big ‘no-no’ these days.

While I preach market more for consumers and less for search engines, sometimes I definitely find myself caught up in making sure our rankings are in order before we cater to the needs of the user. What we need to be sure of when marketing our businesses, is that we are viewing all our efforts from the consumers point of view. How are they viewing our site? Our content? Is it speaking to their pain points and offering valuable solutions to them? That’s where “unmarketing” comes into play.

Unmarketing (verb)

The action of forgetting everything you learned about marketing for search engines and gearing your efforts towards what consumers really long for – quick, easy, & personalized experiences.

Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.

The theme for all our marketing strategies this year and every year. We need to remove ourselves from being so obsessed with how the search bots are crawling our websites and start paying more attention to what engages our users while they are on our site.

Trying to tell SEOs and online marketers to stop everything we have learned about structuring a website so that the search engines can crawl for keywords better, is like teaching an old dog new tricks. Now we are encouraged to drive more traffic to longer tail keyword articles that more are designed for answering questions. Instead of stuffing keywords into all our social posts, we are now sharing more videos & images that cannot be picked up for keyword purposes but are solely designed for capturing the attention of the user. Since higher engagement is the underlying theme of every campaign in 2017 let’s look into some ‘unmarketing‘ practices for moving away from keyword focused efforts and moving towards more quality engaging content & designs.

Content Unmarketing 

Content is one of the quickest ways to start implementing your ‘unmarketing‘ strategy. Simple formatting can make a text heavy article seem much easier to digest when it’s broken out into lists or even bullet points. Some small businesses have even started taking their old content and repurposing it into infographics, making it more appealing the users senses. Below is a great example of how much more appealing one article is over an other, even when they are about the same topic.

content A Very Merry Unmarketing 



Social Media Unmarketing  

When it comes to social media, the biggest thing to remember is always ‘think visual’. Most people who scroll through their newsfeed on social sites are more likely to stop on an image or auto play video that grabs their eye, than a standard text post. Images and visual content most of the time tell a story, which not only captures the attention of a passing user, but hones in on the emotions of a consumer as well. (Check out our past post on the psychology behind on converting users) I’ll let you decide what you think looks better on social media between the two different posts below.

 SMM A Very Merry Unmarketing

Onsite Design & Conversion Unmarketing 

When it comes to site design, keeping it simple is going to go much further with a user than text heavy home pages. Also extremely important is turning your homepage into a lead capture with strong calls to action and short forms. Not only are both great for capturing a users attention and information quickly, but they are also mobile friendly. Reading text heavy websites on mobile devices is much more difficult than seeing a few strong bullet points and filling out a short form to request more information. Below are a few great examples of sites that definitely understand the ‘keep it simple’ strategy for web design and lead capture.


Screen-Shot-2017-02-06-at-4.52.15-PM A Very Merry Unmarketing

Screen-Shot-2017-02-06-at-4.52.28-PM A Very Merry Unmarketing

Not This.

Screen-Shot-2017-02-06-at-4.52.22-PM A Very Merry Unmarketing


If you haven’t picked up on the theme here, let me spell it out – Less is more. Whether we are talking about content, social, or web design – less is always more. When it comes to user engagement, we need to focus less on providing lengthy text articles and more on visual representations of the main points we are trying to get across. Especially with the rise in mobile use for search, we need to capture the attention of users within 3 seconds or less or we are most likely going to lose them.

Stop marketing for search engines and start ‘unmarketing’ for user engagement!

On that note, enjoy…