4 Reasons Social Media is More than a Promotional Tool

Companies across the globe can benefit from social media. The way people connect has drastically changed from just a few short years ago – maybe even months if you really dig in. Trends play a huge role, but another large factor is the social selling factor. What is social selling you might ask? Think of social media as another outlet for salespeople to contact prospects and customers. It opens up a pathway to communicate with them like never before.

Hence the title of this post – “4 Reasons Social Media is More than a Promotional Tool.”

Social media is critical when it comes to brand awareness, but more importantly it needs to be included in the core business strategy. Let me ask you this – have you ever gone online and read reviews, looked up a company’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter BEFORE making a purchase or inquiring? If you answered yes, that is exactly why your company needs social media.

Quality Over Quantity

You don’t necessarily need to be everywhere. What I mean by that is, you don’t necessarily need to be on every single social media platform there is. Find out which ones work best for your company and fly with it.
Also, don’t just post to post. I cannot stress this enough. You will be wasting your time if you simply post because you haven’t yet today. You’re better off waiting and making sure you create a solid piece of content that will be valued by your followers.

Efficiency and Customer Service

This one is big. Years ago, you would have been one outlet short of gaining more potential customers. With social media, you can now reach out in a creative, different way whether that be a Facebook message, LinkedIn In-mail, Tweet, etc. The majority of the time, social media is a first-point-of-contact, so be as available as you can be. Here are a few tips:

  1. Have a fast response time. Nobody likes waiting and people can see your response time on your profiles. And remember, if you don’t answer, the person is most likely looking elsewhere already.
  2. Touch potential customers more than once! Maybe they didn’t see it the first time, or maybe they weren’t interested before, but are now.
  3. Take the time to review your demographic. Make sure the content you push out is aligned with your desired customer base.


Another way to look at the benefit of social media in the professional world is to view it as a way to grow your company. It’s very possible that without having social media profiles, some of those people wouldn’t know you otherwise. Increased visibility aligned with a focused social media strategy will, in turn, contribute to overall growth.


This brings me to Return on Investment – a popular one. We all want to know if our efforts are worthwhile, right? Well, social media allows us to see just that. For example, are you making appointments via social media? Actions taken on social affect the bottom line. The conversion potential that this alternative communications channel opens up is undeniable.

What to do Now?

Get to work. Take advantage of this and do not wait because social media will not be waiting for you that’s for sure. It’s a fast-paced environment and it’s there for ultimate success. Figure out which platforms will work best for your company and build from there.

Plan your content well, gain a following, and pay close attention (social listening) to your audience. Use it to connect with your customers in a more meaningful way. Availability is key in today’s world. It’s time to look beyond social media as a promotional tool.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can start using social media to boost your business, give us a call today!