A Very Merry Unmarketing

The mad hatter has always been my favorite Disney character and while that may seem a bit odd to some, I value his outlook on birthdays and on tea! I guess you have to be a little ‘mad’ to work in the marketing industry these days as well. I suppose the hatter’s ‘Un’ theme can apply to almost everything in life, marketing including. Some of us, including myself have fallen into the realm of catering to every Google update that rolls around. I have found myself marketing more for search engines than for the actual consumer, which is a big ‘no-no’ these days.

While I preach market more for consumers and less for search engines, sometimes I definitely find myself caught up in making sure our rankings are in order before we cater to the needs of the user. What we need to be sure of when marketing our businesses, is that we are viewing all our efforts from the consumers point of view. How are they viewing our site? Our content? Is it speaking to their pain points and offering valuable solutions to them? That’s where “unmarketing” comes into play.

Unmarketing (verb)

The action of forgetting everything you learned about marketing for search engines and gearing your efforts towards what consumers really long for – quick, easy, & personalized experiences.

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Essential Lead Conversion Psychology Factors

As a communications & marketing major in college, my favorite classes were always the psychology seminars. This is where I learned how to study and manipulate human behavior, MY FAVORITE. I like to think of myself as someone who is pretty good at reading people and behaviors, which is maybe why I was so drawn to marketing to begin with.

A big part of my job these days is studying consumer behavior and manipulating client campaigns to coincide with consumer needs. As much as I like to think of myself as an expert in this area, I learn something new every single day.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) FAQ & Expectations

So many acronyms, so little time. A newbie to the online advertising playing field can certainly get lost in all the PPC, CPC, and CPM jargon. That’s why I’m here…to make your life easier. I have put together a hand full of questions that I have received during my time spent in paid advertising. I hope these answers help clear up some unanswered questions that advertisers may have about using PPC and what to expect from a campaign.

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7 Marketing Practices Every Financial Business Should Be Doing

1. Social Media Marketing & PR

Having your business published in a magazine or local newspaper is never a bad thing. However, news today is more heavily digested online. People resort to reading stories and news posts online because of how real time the information is. While hiring an agency to do PR for you can sometimes run pricey, social media is always free if you choose to do it yourself. Try making it a priority to post your recent funding deals closed or any news about your company on your social media, so that users that follow you can see that your business is active and doing well.

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Essential Branding Tips For Commercial Brokers

Most new brokers are so amped up about getting their business started that they forget about how important initial company branding is. Your brand will ultimately determine how successful your brokerage is in the commercial finance industry, so it’s important to build your brand correctly from the beginning. This includes, developing a proper name & tagline for your services, developing a company mission statement, policy for handling complaints, business plan, and proper marketing.

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6 Common PPC Mistakes Every New Small Business Owner Makes

In a digital age, most small business owners are aware that online advertising is a MUST. For most new business owners and entrepreneurs they lack the working capital needed for marketing efforts, so they seek to do everything themselves. With self sufficient marketing, many beginner mistakes can cause an expensive mess. Ideally, small business owners should rely on an online ad certified professional to help setup and maintain their campaign. However, without the cash flow for such an expense, if you must run your ad campaign on your own, here are the major mistakes to avoid:

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The Best Of Pubcon 2014

Yet again, the annual Pubcon marketing conference has turned out to be as beneficial as expected. As search changes, we as marketers continue to bend, twist, and change as well. Every year it’s amazing how many new strategies, tools, and tricks there are to learn about enhancing your campaigns. Below are some of our favorite tools, quotes, and tips from the 2014 conference.

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5 Key Takeaways From The ABA Marketing & Retail Conference

ABAHiX 2014

Our first experience at the ABA Marketing & Retail Conference was a positive one to say the least! It was great to network with other personnel and agencies in our field, hear what they’re using, and what struggles they face as well. There were also extremely resourceful sessions throughout the 3 days including Dan Swift & Mark Zmarzly’sFrom Inside Out, It Starts With You Keynote and the ‘Marketing Idea Bank session that acted as a roundtable discussion for bank marketing executives to share strategies on different mediums that have worked for them.

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Why Due Diligence Is Just As Important For Marketing

In 2014, everyone does ‘social media’, everyone does ‘blogging’, and everyone does ‘SEO’. We get it. Something that was new and foreign to most businesses back in the late 90’s, now everyone seems to be dabbling in.

However, for business owners who do not keep up with the Internet Marketing trends and industry shifts, they continue to use old, outdated, and forbidden practices. (*Cough *Keyword Stuffing *Cough *Buying Links).

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