Getting The Most Out Of Your PPC Budget

Pay per click marketing is easily the most cost effective and converting online marketing strategy loan brokers and lenders can invest in. With full control of your campaign, you are able to:

  • Targeting products & keywords that are converting at that time
  • Set up your ads to only run on the days and times you able to respond quickly
  • Target specific geographical locations to minimize competition
  • Start and stop your campaign whenever you would like without losing too much traction in ad rankings.
  • Target borrowers and referral sources that are in the decision making phase as opposed to those still researching their options.
  • Implement lead captures that encourage conversion instantly when a borrower lands on your page.
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Grow Website Traffic and Your Business Using Local SEO

If you are a local business, from financial consultants, florists, builders, banks and accountants you can improve your business and make more money through local SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

Local SEO and What It Is?

With a low cost to entry and one of the most highly effective forms of online marketing, local search engine optimization allows local businesses to promote their product and services to local customers when they’re looking for your type of business.

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Get Ahead in the Email Marketing Game in 2017

Get Ahead in the Email Marketing Game With These 5 Tactics

As times and technology change, so do the opportunities to make your mark with email marketing. Plenty of services have changed in the last year, from Google’s new support of media queries and embedded styles to Outlook’s zeal for engaging the email community with an open feedback channel. It seems the major email providers truly are interested in making their customers happier with enhanced options. The hot topic now is interactive email, and everyone wants it. However, it still is difficult to implement. Once the kinks are worked out, every email marketer will add it to their messaging arsenal.

In the meantime, how can we make 2017 another strong year in the industry? We’ve got these five tips for taking the lead in the email game.

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Chrome battling unencrypted websites in 2017

Starting in January, Chrome users that are navigating HTTP sites will start to be notified that they’re on a site that isn’t secure.

Chrome is getting serious about websites that don’t use encryption. The latest version of Chrome to be released will now include a warning for unencrypted login sites, according to a post written by Emily Schechter. A member of Chrome’s Security Team alerted users of the planned changes on the Google Security Blog. Chrome 56 and higher, which is planned to rollout in the coming weeks, will mark HTTP login pages as “not secure” in a window next to the address bar.

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The Finance Marketing Group Named a Constant Contact Certified Solution Provider

Albany, New York marketing expert to help small businesses and financial service providers
achieve meaningful marketing results

ALBANY, NYSeptember 14, 2016 – Alex Vasilakos, Director of Marketing at The Finance Marketing Group, has been named a Certified Solution Provider by Constant Contact®, Inc., part of Endurance International Group’s (NASDAQ: EIGI) family of brands, and the trusted marketing advisor to hundreds of thousands of small businesses worldwide.

As a Certified Solution Provider, Alex Vasilakos has completed the Constant Contact Certification Program, which provides training on Constant Contact tools, marketing best practices, and business development. This training imparts industry-leading knowhow on marketing and services to create meaningful results for program participants and the clients that they serve.

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Are Non-Financial Service Companies The Way Of The Future Of Banking & Finances?

The Y generation: 80 million people raised in a world of technology. In a survey conducted by Accenture (2014 Digital Banking Consumer Survey), 71% of 4,000 participants indicated that banking with a company that is non-traditional (Amazon, Square, Apple, etc.) is something they would consider. Of those, 27% said that a branchless digital bank is something they would be inclined to look into. These numbers clearly illustrate how quickly physical banks could become a thing of the past. The youth of today are accustomed to PayPal, Google, and other similar platforms where they have immediate access and real time experiences. They not only enjoy this way of living, but expect it.

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4 Reasons You Should Be Doing Email Marketing

We are midway through the year and you have gone through your marketing budget and are checking off the things you wanted to do this year and are happy that you have accomplished so much.

  • Social Media Marketing? Check!
  • Search Engine Optimization? Check!
  • Pay Per Click Marketing? Did a few months got a good return, but still, Check!
  • Generating some amazing content for our blog? Check!

Wait…you forgot something. How about your email marketing campaigns? Do you have an existing database of customers that you should be sending out updates to on a regular basis? How about all those contacts you received from your last tradeshow or convention? How are you staying in front of them? Did you just expand your product offering, how are you communicating this to your existing customers?

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What Eric Schmidt Predicts For 2014

At the end of 2013, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt shared his outlook for 2014 on Bloomberg TV’s “Ask a Billionaire.” From his unique position as a leader in technology and business, Schmidt offered his (albeit conservative) predictions on 2014’s biggest change, disruptor and disruption. Schmidt confesses his biggest mistake at Google and shares Google’s plans for growth in 2014. Here are our thoughts and what Schmidt revealed:

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